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SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr
IBM Lotus Quickr has folders and a fine, but limited, way of presenting them. Domino has views as well, which are customizable and have evolved extensively over the life of the product. But those views were not meant to be consumed by Quickr for Domino. In fact, you're not even supposed to work with the back end databases in Quickr. Until now.

Introducing SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr, a breakthrough in data presentation and layout. What are they? SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr takes code that separates structure, data and -- with some imagination -- even security and functionality from your business process, while putting "development" in the hands of technical (and not so technical) business users. Using a SnappView, you can easily surface data the way you want it, without the restrictions of Quickr's folders, in many ways:

• Build your own view and choose the columns to display
• Create a categorized view
• Bring in a view from another Quickr place
• Bring in a view from another Notes database (web-enabled or not)
• Bring in relational or other data using DECS or LEI with Domino
• Choose columns to be clickable, columns to hide, columns to use as tooltips for other columns
• Choose what columns to show to what security level of users (try that in a regular view...)
• Decide how wide each column should be relative to the others
• Use pass-through HTML in your views to create checkboxes, images, and more (all you can do with views...)

With some imagination (or with help from the SNAPPS developers), you can build SnappViews that handle multi-document workflows, approval structures, custom security implementations, and more.

• Simple, 20-minute set-up by a Quickr administrator (not including building your own views)
• Form-based interface for simple view visualization
• Tooltips, secured columns, external data sources all available
• Preview feature built into the form

• For administrators: SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr allows more security options with Quickr views
• For users: SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr gives more flexibility to views to help work more efficiently
• For management: SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr helps your team use the skills they already have
• For developers: SnappViews™ lets you rapidly and efficiently build applications in Quickr

Frequently Asked Questions
What version of Lotus Quickr does SnappViews™ support?
SnappViews™ has been tested with Lotus Quickr 8.2 and 8.5.1 and above (including all fixpacks).

Is there a trial version of SnappViews™?
SnappViews™ does not have an evaluation version. However, SNAPPS does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product.

How is SnappViews™ delivered?
Delivery is electronic. After your order and payment is received, you will receive a link to download the software and any subsequent updates.

How is SnappViews™ supported?
Developers support SnappViews™ electronically for one year after purchase. If deemed necessary, support will escalate to telephone support until the issue is resolved. Maintenance is renewable on an annual or multi-year basis.

How do I purchase SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr?
Contact for purchasing instructions or with any questions about SnappViews™. Please include “SnappsView” in the subject line.

SnappViews™ for Lotus Quickr is US$1499 per server