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At the end of your project? SnappArchive can easily provide you with an Adobe Acrobat version of your entire Quickr site!
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SnappArchive™ for IBM Lotus Quickr

IBM Lotus Quickr is an awesome application for collaboration on projects, communicating with partners and customers, and a great repository for critical business documents. When the project's done, however, sites can go stale, neglected and unused, but with that enterprise knowledge all in one place...

Introducing SnappArchive™ for IBM Lotus Quickr, the first archive offering that preserves Quickr places at a point in time using industry-standard Adobe Acrobat PDFs to save and present Quickr places in a format anyone can use!. With SnappArchive™, entire places (or just rooms) are written to the file system with their content and attachments preserved.

SnappArchive is available only as a SaaS offering, where your organization securely uploads places to be archived, and SNAPPS performs the archiving activities -- addressing any data issues, validating the archive, and returning the data to you in zipped PDFs.

Whether your goal is to archive everything, migrate data, or regularly archive places as needed, SnappArchive will work for any scenario.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: As an introduction to SnappArchive's SaaS or License options, SNAPPS will perform a Proof of Concept archive of one of your Quickr places at no charge! Contact info at for information on how to take advantage of this offer.

• SaaS offering available on an as-you-go basis, or custom bids for volume
• Custom forms support with a customization engagement

• Preserve critical corporate, school, government (team) data in perpetuity without the need for Quickr to retrieve
• For users: Peace of mind that the data is preserved in a format that will always be supported
• For management: Preservation of data fulfills regulatory and policy requirements

Frequently Asked Questions
What versions of IBM products SnappArchive™ support?
SnappArchive™ service works with Lotus Quickr 8.1, 8,2, and 8.5.1 (including all fixpacks). As part of the SaaS offering, upgrade of the data to Quickr 8.5.1 before archiving is included in every engagement. If you have an earlier version (QuickPlace) we will work with you to determine if SnappArchive will meet your archive needs.

Is there a trial version of SnappArchive™?
SNAPPS will perform a Proof of Concept archive at no charge for every customer - you send us a small place, and we'll convert it and send it back, usually overnight.

How is SnappArchive™ delivered?
As SnappArchive is a service offering, there i sno physical software to install.

How do I purchase SnappArchive™?
Contact for purchasing instructions or with any questions about SnappArchive™ . Please include “SnappArchive” in the subject line.

SnappArchive™ for IBM Lotus Quickr is priced and discounted uniquely for each customer depending on volume, usage pattern, and SaaS timing approach (all at once or incremental) chosen. SNAPPS will provide you with a custom quote based on your answers to a series of questions about your deployment, so you can take advantage of the best pricing possible.