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The Trash feature added in Lotus Quickr 8.5 is a convenient way to remove unwanted or obsolete files from places, but unless manually deleted, they will remain in the Trash forever, getting backed up, slowing down indexing, and eventually impacting performance. SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr adds automated deletion capabilities to the Trash, so it behaves more like the trash feature in e-mail systems. After a configurable number of days, Trash is emptied automatically.
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SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr
With the release of Quickr 8.5 in 2010, IBM introduced a new feature: the Trash. In Quickr, Trash is simply a folder that holds items users have selected for deletion (at a later time). Trash folders exist in every Quickr room and every subroom; as a result, there can be tens, hundreds, or thousands of files in the Trash depending on the server. The Trash feature detailed here, was implemented as a means to avoid unintended deletion of content. It mirrors the behavior of every major e-mail client, so end users intuitively understand how to use Trash without additional training.

However, one way in which the Trash in Quickr differs from the trash in e-mail clients is that there is no configurable or automated deletion or removal of Trash files. In other words, when an item is moved to the Trash, it will remain there forever … or until someone with the proper authorization opens the Trash and manually deletes the files. As you can imagine, on a busy Quickr server without automated trash removal, the Trash could be neglected for a very long time.

SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr is a configurable, automated way to remove Trash. An administrator configures SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr using a one-time set up and determines how many days to keep the Trash. Then, automatically each night, SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr removes any Trash that has been in the folder longer than the configurable number of days. It’s a simple concept that exists in e-mail clients and, now, you can add this feature to your Lotus Quickr installation.

• Simple, 20-minute set-up by a Quickr administrator
• Configurable number of days to keep files in the Trash folder
• Ability to configure at what time Trash is deleted
• Targeted, efficient Trash removal only from those places and rooms where Trash exists

• For administrators: SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr frees up disk space, reduces back up space and time, and reduces indexing time
• For users: SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr removes the need to visit each place and room to “find out” if there’s any Trash to remove manually (a time-consuming and tedious task)
• For management: SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr reduces the cost of unnecessary disk, tape, and backup cycles

Frequently Asked Questions
What version of Lotus Quickr does SNAPPS TrashMan™ support?
SNAPPS TrashMan™ has been tested with Lotus Quickr 8.5.1 and above (including all fixpacks).

Is there a trial version of SNAPPS TrashMan™?
SNAPPS TrashMan™ does not have an evaluation version. However, SNAPPS does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product.

How is SNAPPS TrashMan™ delivered?
Delivery is electronic. After your order and payment is received, you will receive a link to download the software and any subsequent updates.

How is SNAPPS TrashMan™ supported?
Developers support SNAPPS TrashMan™ electronically for one year after purchase. If deemed necessary, support will escalate to telephone support until the issue is resolved.

How do I purchase SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr?
Contact for purchasing instructions or with any questions about SNAPPS TrashMan™. Please include “SNAPPS TrashMan” in the subject line.

SNAPPS TrashMan™ for Lotus Quickr is US$1299 per server, additional fees for advanced configuration assistance.