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An Innovation in Navigation
Add an Explorer-like interface to Quickr so users can navigate places quickly.
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SnappMap™ Sitemap for Lotus Quickr
Busy IBM Lotus Quickr places quickly fill up with Rooms, Folders, Libraries, Forums and Calendars, plus the documents, tasks and contacts that populate all those areas. Users often waste time looking for a specific file because they have to wade through multiple levels of the hierarchy before they get to that one file they need. Not any more.

Introducing SnappMap™ Sitemap for Lotus Quickr, an Explorer-like interface you can add to your Quickr places so users can drill down to the files they need within seconds. SnappMap™ expands and collapses Rooms, Folders (even the new secured folders), Libraries, Forums and Calendars. Click on any resource, and the parent window goes straight there. No more need to "crawl" the site. A company with 20,000 users can save hundreds of hours each month with SnappMap™.

• Simple, 20-minute set-up by a Quickr administrator
• Expands and collapses Rooms, Folders (even the new secured folders), Libraries, Forums and Calendars
• Drill down several rooms in seconds
• Click on any resource and the parent window goes right to it

• For administrators: SnappMap™ Sitemap requires just one server-wide installation, no maintenance of places, and is not tied to a template
• For users: SnappMap™ Sitemap saves hours of time per month navigating Quickr places
• For management: SnappMap™ Sitemap boosts user productivity

Frequently Asked Questions
What version of Lotus Quickr does SnappMap™ Sitemap support?
SnappMap™ Sitemap has been tested with Lotus Quickr 8.2 and 8.5.1 and above (including all fixpacks).

Is there a trial version of SnappMap™ Sitemap?
SnappMap™ Sitemap does not have an evaluation version. However, SNAPPS does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product.

How is SnappMap™ Sitemap delivered?
Delivery is electronic. After your order and payment is received, you will receive a link to download the software and any subsequent updates.

How is SnappMap™ Sitemap supported?
Developers support SnappMap™ Sitemap electronically for one year after purchase. If deemed necessary, support will escalate to telephone support until the issue is resolved. Maintenance is renewable on an annual or multi-year basis.

How do I purchase SnappMap™ Sitemap for Lotus Quickr?
Contact for purchasing instructions or with any questions about SnappMap™ Sitemap. Please include “SnappMap” in the subject line.

SnappMap™ Sitemap for Lotus Quickr is available for a few dollars per user; ask about volume and educational discounts. Minimum purchase required.