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Value-Based Consulting
SNAPPS provides value-based consulting services to some of the world's largest companies.
Consulting Services
SNAPPS provides high-end collaboration consulting to some of the world's largest companies. Our team averages 15 years of experience with collaboration technology - and because we remain small and focused, there is no "B Team" to send in after the sale. In addition to a senior development staff, we employ educators, authors, editors, industry analysts and business strategists to provide a complete array of services in the collaboration market.

Our principal and senior consultants are featured speakers, authors and presenters at national and international conferences, and are widely recognized as being among the premier talent in the industry. SNAPPS is the right company if you require business assessment of advanced collaboration, enterprise deployment strategies, or custom development to meet your business needs. Here are our offerings:

Collaboration Strategy
In the emerging field of advanced collaboration, it is not uncommon for companies to begin their investment by choosing tools and deployment platforms, impacted largely by sales and marketing efforts of the vendors who benefit from those decisions. In some cases, an enterprise will conduct studies and analysis of the toolsets, ensuring that their choice fits well with corporate IT strategy. Both of these approaches fall short when you consider that overall business strategy should inform collaboration strategy, team organization informs tool and technology decisions, and team execution has such an impact on performance and success.

A better approach to collaboration strategy aligns (or realigns) it directly with business strategy, building clear ties between business purpose and the approaches and technologies chosen to create a collaborative enterprise. Building those ties is accomplished through the application of business strategy analysis, security and technical subject matter experts, and industry trend analysis. The team at SNAPPS, along with our key partners in our strategy practice, can deliver enterprise level collaboration strategy consulting and analysis to help accomplish your objectives.

Education and Training
In addition to presenting and keynoting at industry conferences, SNAPPS publishes white papers and articles on collaboration business and technology, shares expertise with he community via various social media including blogs, microblogging and social networking sites, and produces Collaboration University each year. Collaboration University is a technical education conference focused primarily on the IBM Lotus Web 2.0 product lines, but also includes a variety of integration, migration and coexistence sessions.

Through our training delivery partners, we can also provide onsite or location-based training to enterprises to maximize the effectiveness of your collaboration strategy. By using a partnering model, we are able to apply high-value, high skills training design and alignment with an economic delivery model. This provides clients with the optimum combination of our most valuable contribution - high value consulting - and the more budget-focused training delivery model.

Collaboration Development and Customization
SNAPPS has assisted many companies in jump-starting their deployments of collaboration technology by 6, 12, and even 18 months ahead of "out of the box" installation. By applying our consulting expertise to your business processes, we can help shape your collaboration environment, tools, and teams with expert development. We do not have interns, do not offshore development, and always provide a team of experienced senior developers to your specific requirements. In addition, the business background and experience of our developers helps to inform those requirements by giving you the benefit of our experience with hundreds of other engagements.

Be sure to visit our Case Studies pages to read about specific cases where SNAPPS has been able to significantly impact organization and team performance with our consulting and technical service approach.