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Regulatory Drivers for IM Capture
"NASD (regulation 3010) has advised its members to treat IM communications the same way they treat written letters and e-mail. If this is not possible, the regulator recommends a complete ban on IM communications between staff and clients."

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SnappShot® for Sametime™
NEWS: SnappShot 8.5 now compatible with Sametime 8.5

Sametime™ is the most successful corporate instant messaging (IM) tool in the world. IBM has the definitive lead based on the maturity, robustness and - perhaps most critically - security of Sametime. With the growth and acceptance of corporate IM as a means of doing business, the conversations among parties over Sametime become a central part of the business process. In fact, they have reached the level of importance of email and other corporate records.

SnappShot® addresses the business, regulatory and governance requirements for Instant Messaging capture, logging and retention.

SnappShot lets you decide what IM conversations to capture, when to capture, and who to capture.

SnappShot's activity-driven setup lets you log and record IM sessions different ways for different users, groups and times, and post-processing agents let you scan and search transcripts for anything.

SnappShot provides key security options - reader security, administrative security, even multiple encryption keys for super-sensitive transcripts. While it is secure enough for most applications right out of the box, SNAPPS can help you set up advanced options for sensitive corporate, government or military applications.

SnappShot® provides key benefits, making it the most secure and configurable solution for capturing Sametime sessions.

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NEW! Works with Sametime 6.5.1, 7, 7.5x, 8, and now Sametime 8.5
• Configurable recording trigger settings - by date range or user name(s)
• Robust security settings for transcripts, with strong encryption options
• Secure email of transcripts to designated address(es) including databases
• Granular, secure Notification Profiles with security exceptions
• Transcript databases are indexed and searchable, subject to full Domino access control and security

• Knowledge capture and searchability
• Audit trails for IM corporate transactions
• Security of corporate IM assets
• Integration with Knowledge Management systems

Support and Maintenance
Customer service and technical support are available by phone (M-F), email and a support web site. Regardless of the nature of the issue, our support staff pledge to be fast, efficient and friendly. If an issue is not resolved quickly, it is escalated to the developers of SnappShot®, so you know you will receive the best possible resolution to any problems.

A license for SnappShot® is required for each server on which you deploy the software. Maintenance (required for the first year, optionally renewable thereafter) includes both technical support and upgrades. License pricing is available from SNAPPS by contacting us at +1.913.440.0000 or toll-free +1.800.689.4032. We encourage you to evaluate the product and take advantage of our free evaluation technical support.

Evaluation and Download
A 21-day evaluation version of SnappShot® is available. All security and configuration options are enabled and fully functional, and documentation is included in the download.
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